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2nd Circ. sides with Starbucks in tip pool class action
Law 360 | November, 2013

Grande tips payoff for Starbucks baristas
Boston Herald | October, 2013

Starbucks baristas tip fight intensifies
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New York Court sides with Starbucks on tip rules
The New York Times | June, 2013

Who deserves Starbucks tips?
The Village Voice | May, 2013

Baristas battle Starbucks over tip sharing policy
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Who are you tipping at Starbucks? NY top court to decide
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NY’s top court to decide who can tap Starbucks’ tip jars
CBS | May, 2013

NY Starbucks tip fight percolates beyond java giant
Law 360 | May, 2013

Starbucks restructures ‘shift supervisor’ position in Mass.
Nation’s Restaurant News | January, 2013

Starbucks supervisors get a raise to make up for employee tip ruling
Boston Business Journal | January, 2013

Mission Accomplished: Starbucks supervisors can’t share employee tips, will get raises & bonus to compensate
BostInno | January, 2013

Starbucks workers tip suit scores $14M win against coffee giant
Huffington Post | November, 2012

Starbucks ordered to serve up $14M in tip-pool suit
Law360 | November, 2012

First Circuit affirms win for Starbucks baristas over tip-sharing
National Law Journal | November, 2012

Court: Starbucks owes more than $14m to Mass. baristas
Boston Globe | November, 2012

Starbucks sued by Baristas, managers over tip-sharing
Lawyers.com | October, 2012

2nd Circ. sends Starbucks tip cases to NY high court
Law360 | October, 2012

Second Circuit stumped by Starbucks tipping cliams
The American Lawyer | October, 2012

Starbucks brews an appeal in case over tip splitting
National Law Journal | September, 2012

Starbucks Baristas ask 2nd Circ. to reheat tip sharing suit
Law 360 | August, 2012

Starbucks asks 1st Circ. to nix $14M damages over tip pool
Law 360 | August, 2012

Starbucks consents to $7.5M damages over shared tips
Law 360 | January, 2012

Baristas want Starbucks to pour out $32M in tip pool suit
Law 360 | December, 2011

1st Cir. lets class cert. stand for Starbucks baristas
Law 360 | June, 2011

Baristas’ suit against Starbucks may proceed as class action in Mass. federal court
The National Law Journal | March, 2011

Starbucks supervisors can’t share in tips, Judge says
Employment Law 360 | March, 2011

Starbucks unfairly split Mass. Baristas’ tips: Judge
Employment Law 360 | February, 2011

Starbucks Baristas fight toss of tip-sharing action
Employment Law 360 | December, 2010

Calif. ruling doesn’t slow Starbucks tips suit
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N.Y. baristas want class cert. in tips spat
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N.Y. barista is latest to sue Starbucks over tips
Employment Law 360 | April, 2008

Starbucks supervisors accused of skimming tips from baristas
Associated Press | March, 2008

Starbucks hit with class action lawsuit over tips
Boston Globe | March, 2008

Starbucks sued again over tip pools
Seattle PI | March, 2008