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Justices won’t review ruling federal law blocks skycaps’ challenge to airlines’ fees
Bloomberg BNA | April, 2014

Skycap who was fired after lawsuit awarded nearly $1M
Boston Globe | March, 2014

United Airlines settles lawsuit over skycaps’ tips
Associated Press | July, 2012

American Airlines tip dispute rejected by high court
Law 360 | November, 2011

Skycaps can coordinate cases over airlines’ fees
Law 360 | October, 2011

1st Circuit: Skycaps’ class action against airline over tips may proceed
National Law Journal | September, 2011

1st Circ. won’t hear AA’s class cert. challenge
Law 360 | September, 2011

After 1st Circ. loss, AA porters seek new trial
Law 360 | August, 2011

United skycaps say state wage claims not preempted
Law 360 | June, 2011

United skycaps win conditional cert. in tip suit
Law 360 | June, 2011

Decision on tips to Logan skycaps overturned by court
Associated Press | May, 2011

1st Circuit considers whether aviation law pre-empts state tips law
National Law Journal | December, 2010

Skycaps’ claims revived in United, USAirways Suits
Law 360 | September, 2010

Airlines scoop tips from skycaps
Lawyers and Settlements | February, 2010

Skycaps across US join suit over tips
Boston Globe | February, 2010

AA skycaps win certification of national class
Law 360 | February, 2010

AA skycaps seek cert. in 2nd suit over bag fees
Law 360 | October, 2009

Skycaps suing United Airlines
Boston Herald | October, 2009

United skycaps launch FLSA action over tips
Law 360 | October, 2009

Mass. court rules for American skycaps on tips
Associated Press | August, 2009

SJC upholds skycaps’ win in baggage fee lawsuit
Boston Globe | August, 2009

Skycaps win Wage Act appeal over tips
Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly | August, 2009

Skycaps to ask Mass. court to reinstate tips award
Associated Press | April, 2009

American Airlines now charging fees to non-passengers
The Onion | December, 2008

Skycaps seek class status in Jet Blue bag fee suit
Law 360 | September, 2008

United Airlines suspends $2 curbside luggage fee
Boston Globe | August, 2008

US Airways seeks emergency exit from skycaps suit
Law 360 | August, 2008

New trial ordered in skycap tip suit
Boston Globe | June, 2008

US Airways skycaps in Phila. get pink slips
The Philadelphia Inquirer | June, 2008

From the Boston Globe editorial page
Boston Globe | June, 2008

Airline halts fee, lifts ban on tips
Boston Globe (front page)| May, 2008

Airline, loser in suit, fails to deliver promised pay raise
Boston Globe | May, 2008

Insta-CoGo: Skycaps, Tipping and You
Washington Post | May, 2008

Kicked at the Curb
Boston Globe Editorial | May, 2008

Airline bans tips for skycaps at Logan
Boston Globe | May, 2008

Boycott American Airlines
Beagle Research | May, 2008

Un-American Airlines
The Hangover | May, 2008

Skycaps sue 3 airlines over $2 baggage fee
Associated Press | April, 2008

US Air skycaps sue company, claim lost tips
Boston Globe | April, 2008

Off Balance at the Top
Washington Post | April, 2008

Skycaps Win Lawsuit Over $2-A-Bag Fee
Associated Press | April, 2008

Logan skycaps win fight for tips
Boston Globe | April, 2008

9 skycaps win $325,000 in tips in suit over curbside fees
USA Today | April, 2008

Skycaps sue airline over tips lost to bag fee
Boston Globe | March, 2008

Skycaps sue American Airlines over lost tips
USA Today | March, 2008

Skycaps at Logan sue over lost tips
Boston Globe | December, 2006