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Ritz-Carlton to pay $1.8M to settle gratuities suit

Law360 | March, 2014

TGI Friday’s workers sue

NECN | January, 2014

Workers sue TGI Fridays for wage violations

Boston Globe | January, 2014

Four Seasons to fork over $4M to settle server tips suit

Law 360| October, 2013

Marriott servers win back pay in suit seeking unpaid tips

Law 360| November, 2013

Not everyone has fond memories of the Hilltop Steakhouse

Boston Magazine | October, 2013

Uber’s other legal mess: Drivers sue over missing tips

Business Week | August, 2013

Uber sued again over tip-skimming claims, case could go national

Xconomy | August, 2013

Lawsuit alleges Uber unfairly withholds tips from drivers

San Francisco Bay Guardian | August, 2013

Hawaii Supreme Court rules in favor of workers in hotel tip case

Honolulu Star Advertiser | July, 2013

Service charge ruling to benefit workers

Maui News | July, 2013

Hawaii high court oks worker wage suits over state tip law

Law 360 | July, 2013

Hawaii Supreme Court ruling allows pending lawsuits over hotel workers’ tips to move forward

Associated Press | July, 2013

Hotel workers could get millions from lost tips

Hawaii News Now | July, 2013

Supreme Court agrees tips supposed to be kept by workers

ETN Global Travel Industry News | July, 2013

Tips lawsuit vs. Harvard remanded to state court

Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly | March, 2013

Harvard must face claims it took waiters’ tips, Judge says

Law 360 | March, 2013

Drivers: Uber is skimming our tips

Mother Jones | March, 2013

When tip jars go high-tech, do U.S. workers benefit?

Reuters | March, 2013

Milton driver accuses Uber taxi service of unfairly keeping tip money

Boston Business Journal | February, 2013

Faculty club lawsuit awaits hearing

Harvard Crimson | November, 2012

Faculty club employees file “Tip Law” suit

Harvard Crimson | September, 2012

Harvard Faculty Club sued by waitstaff

Harvard Magazine | September, 2012

Portland hotel sued for allegedly ‘skimming’ tips

Portland Press Herald | June, 2012

Maine Supreme Judicial Court to decide if banquet wait staff must share ‘service charge’

Bangor Daily News | May, 2012

Harvard Club of Boston sued by waitstaff

Harvard Magazine | November, 2011

Harvard Club: The tipping point

Boston Globe | November, 2011

Harvard Club servers sue over tips

Boston Globe | November, 2011

Sen. Downing’s “Tips Bill” & fundraising raise questions

Red Crown News | October, 2011

Cranwell settles tip case for $7 million

Berkshire Beacon | October, 2011

Sen. Downing withdraws a bill that would degrade wage rights

Berkshire Record | October, 2011

Four Seasons found liable for unpaid server tips

Law 360 | August, 2011

Dunkin’ shop owners look to adjust tip law

Boston Globe | June, 2011

Local man pursues class action over no-tip policy at Dunkin’ Donuts

North Reading Transcript | June, 2011

Dunkin’ franchisee sued over no-tips policy

Boston Globe | May, 2011

Baristas’ suit against Starbucks may proceed as class action in Mass. federal court

The National Law Journal | March, 2011

Starbucks supervisors can’t share in tips, Judge says

Employment Law 360 | March, 2011

Maui hotel to pay $500,000

Star Advertiser | March, 2011

Starbucks unfairly split Mass. Baristas’ tips: Judge

Employment Law 360 | February, 2011

Missing comma key in Cape lawsuit

Cape Cod Times | February, 2011

Starbucks unfairly split Mass. Baristas’ tips: Judge

Employment Law 360 | February, 2011

Exotic dancers claim clubs break labor laws by not paying wages

Connecticut Law Tribune | January, 2011

Hard Rock Cafe in minimum wage class action suit

AOL | January, 2011

Tipped workers hit Fla. Hard Rock with wage action

Law 360 | January, 2011

Starbucks baristas fight toss of tip-sharing action

Law 360 | December, 2010

Legal battle brewing over coffee chain’s tip jars

Salem News| November, 2010

Wage claims proceed in Four Seasons tip action

Law 360 | October, 2010

Cliff House server sues over alleged tip skimming

Seacost Online| July, 2010

Starwood waiters add competition claims to tip suit

Law 360 | June, 2010

Hard Rock Cafe rocked by FLSA action over tips

Law 360 | April, 2010

Boston Duck Tours hit with Wage Act suit

Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly | April, 2010

High court paves way for tips lawsuit to proceed

Honolulu Advertiser | March, 2010

Maggiano’s, Hard Rock sued over tipping practices

Boston Herald | March, 2010

Calif. ruling doesn’t slow Starbucks tips suit

Employment Law 360 | October, 2009

Strippers come out on top in misclassification action

Law 360 | August, 2009

Stripped by the boss

Boston Globe Editorial | August, 2009

Judge upholds strippers’ pay suit

Boston Globe | August, 2009

Waiter sues Boston steakhouse

Boston Herald | July, 2009

Lawsuit on tipping goes to higher court

Honolulu Advertiser | March, 2009

N.Y. baristas want class cert. in tips spat

Employment Law 360 | February, 2009

Lawsuit filed over hotel’s alleged tipping practices

Seacoast Online | January, 2009

Waiters at Maui Westin sue over tips

Law 360 | January, 2009

Hawaii hotels face lawsuits over service fees

KITV | December, 2008

Suit alleges hotels short-changed servers

Maui News | November, 2008

Waiters sue hoteliers over tips

Law 360| November, 2008

A business tip: Keep hands off gratuities

Tampa Tribune | August, 2008

Jin Workers Win Class Settlement for Stolen Tips

Asian American Movement Ezine | May, 2008

N.Y. barista is latest to sue Starbucks over tips

Employment Law 360 | April, 2008

Cape employer sued over tips

Cape Cod Times |
April, 2008

Starbucks supervisors accused of skimming tips from baristas

Associated Press | March, 2008

Starbucks hit with class action lawsuit over tips

Boston Globe | March, 2008

Starbucks sued again over tip pools

Seattle PI | March, 2008

Firm seeks class action tips suit against Pier 4

Boston Business Journal | February, 2008

Arbitrator certifies national class of servers against Morton’s of Chicago in case alleging tip credit violations

American Arbitration Association | June, 2007

Suit says Ritz illegally keeps some tip money

Boston Globe | January, 2007

Wave of tip pooling lawsuits snares more operators

Nation’s Restaurant News | October, 2006

Door opened for retaliation claims

National Law Journal | August, 2006

Four fired servers win lawsuit against Hilltop restaurant

Daily Item of Lynn | July, 2006

Steak house may be liable for $2.5m

Boston Globe | July, 2006

Atlanta waiters sue: tip-sharing to fund restaurant’s “incidental labor fund”

Atlanta Journal-Constitution | September, 2004

Lawsuits filed by wait staff over tips

Boston Globe | October, 2004

Massachusetts State Law Allows a $25,000 Civil Penalty for Restaurateurs who Violate the Tip Law

Boston Globe | August, 2004