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Lawsuits challenging state civil service firefighter and police examinations as having an unlawful disparate impact on minority applicants

In 2006, we won a federal court lawsuit challenging the Massachusetts entry level civil service examination for firefighters as having an unlawful disparate impact on minority applicants.

We are now pursuing similar cases challenging the state’s promotional exams for police officers seeking to become sergeants and for sergeants seeking to become lieutenants. In September 2014, the trial court ruled against the plaintiffs in the case we brought challenging the sergeants exam.  We are appealing that ruling. 

To learn more about these cases, read below.

Civil service exams not discriminatory, judge says
Boston Globe | September, 2014

Mass. court says police lawsuit can go forward
Associated Press | November, 2012

Minority officers win round in legal battle over promotion exams
Boston Globe | November, 2012

A group of BPD officers say a promotional exam is discriminatory
WGBH | February, 2012

Black police officials sue city
Boston Globe | February, 2012

Police hit with bias decision; Two officers may be due 'millions'
Worcester Telegram | November, 2011

Civil service ruling in judge's hands
Boston Globe | Feburary, 2011

Police exams need to test the right stuff
Worcester Telegram | July, 2010

As Hub promotes officers, discrimination claims await hearing
Boston Globe | February, 2010

Patrick to appeal ruling on police, firefighter exams
Boston Globe | May, 2009

Few minority police supervisors
Boston Globe | October, 2007

Lawsuit challenges fairness of police promotional test
Boston Globe | September, 2007

Will Patrick stand tall?
Globe Columnist | January, 2007

Judge orders fire departments to offer jobs
Boston Globe | December, 2006

Judge says firefighter tests biased and unfair
Globe Staff | August, 2006

Jacob Bradley et al. v. City of Lynn et al., 443 F.Supp.2d 145 (D.Mass. 2006) (following class action bench trial, court found that civil service exam had disparate impact on minorities, resulting in $2.15 million court-approved settlement, including the statewide hiring of more than 60 minority firefighters and police officers)




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