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Lawsuits against cleaning franchise companies

We have sued a number of so-called "cleaning franchise" companies that have preyed on immigrant workers by charging thousands of dollars for low-paying jobs, which we allege the companies churn in order to make a profit.  These companies include Coverall, JaniKing, Jan-Pro, CleanNet, System4, and All-Pro. 

In our cases against Coverall and Jani-King, the federal court has ruled that the companies have violated Massachusetts wage law by misclassifying their franchisees as independent contractors. Click here to read Judge William Young's decision in the Coverall case and click here to read Chief Judge Mark Wolf’s decision in the Jani-King case. Also, last summer, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court issued a landmark ruling that Coverall franchisees, because of their misclassification, may recover as damages the fees they paid for their franchises, as well as fees paid for additional business and for insurance. We are working now to recover these franchise fees and other withholdings for all Coverall and Jani-King franchisees who have worked in Massachusetts.

Our case against Jan-Pro has been certified by the federal court to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court for a ruling on whether Jan-Pro's "multi-tier master franchise" structure prevents it from being sued for misclassification.  This case will allow the SJC to address the important issue of whether larger companies may use smaller intermediary companies to shield them from liability for wage violations.

Our case against System4 is now pending at the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.  This case will answer the question of whether employers in Massachusetts may prevent workers from bringing a class action under the wage and hour laws through the use of a mandatory arbitration agreement.

Our cases against CleanNet and All-Pro are at an earlier stage in the proceedings, and we expect the rulings from these other cases to have a significant impact on these cases.

We are also pursuing similar claims against these companies in other states. 

If you bought a franchise from any of these, or other "cleaning franchise" companies, please call us for more information, at (617) 994-5800.  You can also email us at

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